My update after 3 months of being away


      Hiiii wordpress! Hi guys 🙂 It’s been 3 months since the last time I updated my blog! I’ve been out of the blogging world. I had been busy with my personal life though I still have time to blog but I chose not to, because i’m too lazy. hahaha! Well, I am back (hopefully for good) to be honest I really wanted to be more active on blogging. Let’s see!!So for now, let me update my TSC …



my blog.


This. The Sunday Currently Entry Vol. 19! yepieeeeee.


Looking through the eyes of Love 🙂 . I don’t know why, but I am loving this song. It feels like, being In love is such a nice feeling. 


about when will I get a call from D.O? Sana sure na yung item ko sa Tetuan Central School.




God already knows.


That God will answer my prayer. It will be the best gift for me since my birthday is coming next month.


printed blouse and pajama.


The music that i am listening at the moment. 80’s music.


A productive week ahead of me!


Good sleep. hihihi 🙂


I am feeling better; better than before. I feel more blessed. And happy to have written this TSC post today!

That’s it for my TSC entry! chao 🙂 

Here is my goodnight selfie!




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Happy Father’s Day

You never forget us,

You never said goodbye

Times when we needed you

You we’re right there all the time.


Your love for us is selfless

Unconditionally and timeless

sometimes we fail to let you know


But deep inside, we really love you so


I hope you never change

I hope your love will remain

On this Father’s Day

I hope we brighten up your day.


This Week

                          Stressful.  tiring.   irritated.     impatient

                         All negative vibes.

                         But no.. There’s still positivity left in me.

                        Let me tell you what I’ve been up to lately. Since, I still have no item to teach in public school (meron na sana, kaso, I declined) I decided to be a substitute teacher. I was happy about it, because I will teach in my alma mater. I took the responsibility with all my heart. I was assigned to teach in Grade 1. Oh, I was never given a chance to teach in Grade 1, ever. Its my first time. I told myself, “Challenge yan para sa akin!” Kakayanin ko!

                 And, Its been 2 weeks from the first day of class. To tell you honestly, araw-araw akong umuuwing pagod. Pagod sa klase, pagod sa paggawa ng lesson plans, pagod sa paggawa ng visual aids, at pagod sa paglilinis ng room. Ganito pala talagaa ang realidad ng pagiging isang guro. I am physically and emotionally tired. Pati yung katawan ko gusto na yatang sumuko. To the point na, nagkakasakit na ako. My asthma strikes again because of to much fatigue. Good to know, my substitution is only good for 1 month. 2 weeks left and I am out. With these experiences, napapaisip na tuloy ako kung ipupush ko pa ba ito? Is this what I really want? To teach my whole life? Napapagod na kasi ako. Pagod na. But I love teaching talaga. *sighs*

              But, I am still thankful and blessed.

             ngingiti pa rin ako. sasaya pa rin. kakapit pa rin ako. Ito yung pinili ko eh, mababago ko pa ba?

            Let see what the future holds….