Entry No.2: Staying Up Late, The Usual.

Hi there! Staying Up late again, The Usual. I don’t know. I really cant sleep early even though I’m tired the whole day. You know, teaching your pupils, tutors and doing props for our upcoming 20th Foundation Day. Oh, why? I should be sleeping by now. I would really be dead if my Mother caught me still doing stuff like this, (blogging, facebook, twitter, Instagram, ask.fm) Take note: She doesn’t know, I’m blogging. That I’m a blogger now. =)

I really love the solitude at night. There’s so many random things that popping on my head.

So many questions. As in many. At night, I can have unlimited daydreams and imaginations that somehow I wish will all turn into reality.

C U R  R E N T L Y….


blogs of other people.


My Entry No. 2


Perfect by One direction


LET Result? Will I pass? I’ll just think POSITIVE! That should be the spirit.


To pass the LET. If that happens, I would be the happiest person on Earth.


For Him to come along. charing


Tshirt and shorts.


contented and happy! My Father is finally home. =)

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