To My Papa


You are a great father to us, a provider.

You always check up on us.

Everyday, you will ask ” Are you home now? Where are you now? “

When you’ve got no reply from us, you would really call up.

Thank you, Pa. For being so protective and a responsible father and husband.

We’re so lucky to have you.

I may not able to say Thank you and I love you everyday. (tuwing birthday mo lang and Father’s Day. hala) but I really mean it, Pa. I LOVE YOU. From the bottom of my heart.

Actually, writing this on my blog makes me wanna cry right now. I want to say sorry for not being expressive. When you’re at home, I don’t often talk to you. You know, I am shy to open up. I’m shy to ask how was your work? Are you okay? Naiiyak ako. 

Thank you very much, Papa. I hope i could personally utter these words to you. I doubt it, kaya ko kaya??? Baka nga, maiyak ako sa harapan mo.

Once again, Thank you and I love very much. smilesmilesmilesmilesmile


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