I’m the type of person who

  1. is shy (though I’m trying to fight that)
  2. loves spending my money on food and clothes.
  3. is a LONER. I prefer being alone. really. I’m such an introvert person. Hahaaaa. I prefer going out alone. weird noh? Nasanay na din ako. I’m the type of girl na lagi lang nasa bahay. I don’t go to parties. I’m so anti-social. Kaya, pag may party sa kapitbahay namin, I always tell my mother na dalhan na lang niya ako ng food. THAT’s Me.
  4. seldom talk. Well, di talaga ako makuwento. Di ako madaldal. That’s actually my nature. Kaya there are times that people misunderstood my behavior. They often say that I’m suplada. etc. FINE. (rolls eyes)
  5. is a deep thinker. Most of the time, I over analyze a lot of things.
  6. loves reading books.
  7. loves writing. (obviously)
  8. has a few friends. As in very few. I’m not that friendly. My friends are highly selected. choosy ko noh? hehe. well, that’s not the case naman. Pag feel kita, If i can see that your intentions are true, e di, i like you. I will consider you as one of my friends. Trivia: I only have 1 bestfriend. Her name is Kristel. We’ve been bff since Grade 4. Oh, diba. Long Live.
  9. Don’t show my real emotions. It’s not being untrue or plastic, it’s just that it’s basically my nature to keep what i feel inside. Kung kaya kong itago. Itatago ko talaga. I’m not an open book. Ganun na talaga ako. Secretive.
  10. knows how to sing and play the guitar. Well, Taylor Swift inspired me to play guitar. Thanks to her.
  11. has never been in a relationship. 0 0 0 boyfriend. Hanggang crush crush lang!
  12. sleeps with my earphones on. Kaya laging nasisira ang earphone ko, eh! Music is my really my escape. I could barely fall asleep without music.
  13. stalk my crush on fb. wooo!
  14. believes in destiny, fate and serendipity.
  15. is hopeless romantic.
  16. doesn’t believe in Ideal Guy. Why? Simply. well, you will know later on. I will have a separate blog about it.
  17. doesn’t believe in love at first sight. kalokohan yun! 
  18. loves rom-com movies/chick flicks
  19. is generous.
  20. hopes for the best. In short, I’m an optimistic person. Let’s always think positive!


That’s all for now! G o o d n i g h t. See you in my sugardreams.


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