Dear M.D.B

tumblr_lw9cbl9ILV1qjokd1o1_r1_1280It’s been months now since I got curious about you. To tell you honestly, before, I really don’t know your name but I never give up to search you on facebook. haha. We have mutual friends actually, that’s why. It was easier for me to find you. I always stalk you on facebook, that’s the only way I can get connected with you. You seem to be sad and kinda depressed person. Oh why? I wished I knew. 

I saw you earlier, you were in yellow shirt. I heard your voice again. That voice. I wonder if you ever looked at me? or have you ever noticed me? I really wished. But I guess it’s just in my imagination. haha. I need to stop dreaming.

I have promise myself to stop stalking you on facebook. I really want to stop because there’s no point of doing it every single day. I wish I could.



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