Entry No. 5: My Thoughts.

My Life as a Teacher is so tiring. Actually.,Nung una, I told myself, okay! kaya ko lang ‘to. But as days, months passed by, I can feel the agony. Yeah, agony talaga. Stressed and so pressured. Making Lesson plans, checking books, checking grades and making exams plus I still have to deal with parents who keeps on complaining. Aba! Konting pagkakamali lang, big deal na agad. (sighs)

Nakakapagod. Imagine, I go to school before 7 am and I could actually go home at 7 pm. Straight classes pa yun, huh? My classes would end at exactly 3:30 pm, then there comes my tutor class. 45 minutes lang naman yon, pero minsan, na-eextend pa. Kaya nga, pagdating sa bahay. Wala na. I have no energy na. As in. Plus, ang kukulit pa ng mga bata. Spell PATIENCE.

Well, this is the profession I chose. So better adjust and stick to it. On the first place, this is what i really wanted. So, note to myself, bare the agony. bare the stressed. Inhale. Exhale. That’s life. At least I have a stable job. I get paid. di ba?

S M I L E.


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