Entry No. 6: Hoping, Wishing.

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Earlier this afternoon, My co-teachers and I were talking about the LET Results that will be release tomorrow. ( I hope so, bukas na sana talaga) Para naman mawala na ‘tong kaba ko or should I say, namin. Honestly, I really prayed for this. That hopefully God will guide me and will let me pass the board exam. I prayed for this a lot of times already. If God will grant my prayers,  I would really be the happiest person on Earth.

But a lot of thoughts has been filling my mind. Lots of What Ifs. What If, di pala ako pumasa? huhuhu. What If.. What If.. What If…But.. But.. but.. I want to be optimistic as much as I can. I trust God and I trust myself. Honestly naman, di ako masyadong nahirapan sa exam. Slight lang. Kaya, I really hope and wish, na sana po LORD nandun yung name ko sa list of passers………………. 


I can’t wait for tomorrow. huh!

Best of Luck!

Hoping. Wishing.

I must think positive kahit na sobrang kabado na ako…razzrazzrazz


Good evening.


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