Past Crush.

We all have that “Past Crush”, right? Let me tell you about that guy. Actually, I’ve known him for 2 years, college days. We’re classmates for 2 subjects (ireg student po kasi ako) He’s friendly, very. He was the one who would notice me. He’s the one who would always say Hi to me when we crossed paths. Why do i have  a crush on him? I actually don’t know the reason, well maybe because he’s friendly and very kind. Every time I see him, I always got that heart attack feeling. I always get nervous when he’s around. I find it very weird nga. Ewan ko ba. But that was before. Past is past.

Our last conversation was, when he congratulated me after my graduation. Nauna ako sa kanya. *wink* with matching shake -hands pa. Then, wala na. Wala na din yung feelings ko. haha! Then, who would have thought that I would be seeing him again? I saw him last September and just yesterday while I was window shopping at a certain store….. I SAW HIM. That moment really caught me offguard. I was really surprised. Gladly, he was not looking. Buti na lang! he was with his friend, he was smiling. It was nice seeing him, I realized he’s still the same old guy I knew before.

Till we crossed paths again, bye past crush. winkwinkwink



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