Music on REPEAT.


Basically, I’m really a music lover. I can’t go to sleep without headphones/earphones. So, I will share my fave soundtracks on repeat. Have fun!

#Taylor Swift’s


Call me insane, but………. I could actually listen to Taylor Swift’s songs all day. Her music is really amazing. She is incredibly amazing! Here’s my top 5 favorite songs of hers:

1. Teardrops on my Guitar

2. I’d Lie

3. All too well

4. Stay Stay Stay

5. Style

 #Selena Gomez’


1. Hands to myself

2. The Heart Wants What It Wants

3. Same Old Love

4. Good For You

#Charlie Puth’s


One Call A Way


1. Notice Me by Alli Simpson

2. I Wish by Cher lloyd

3. Love Yourself by Justin Bieber

Xo, Jeca




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