A day at Forest lake

How I miss my mother so much! Last Friday, March 18, 2016 our school held a recognition day at Yogi Tumaga. I came there late (again or should I say always) glad to know our school director wasn’t there or else. urggh! The program finished at around 11 a.m. My co-teachers and I took first our lunch before going back to Yogi Veterans to finish checking our grades. Since, Yogi Tumaga is just near  Forest lake I decided to visit my mother. It was 12 noon and the sun was so freaking hot. (I don’t care at all) What matters to me that time is to just visit my mother and talk to her. As usual, I cried again. again and again. #LIFE

Just yesterday, after I wrote my poem intended to my mother “Sa tuwina” published on my blog; My father called me up and told me to visit my mother because it’s 21. The day she left us. The day she died. Isn’t it ironic?

As promised, we went to Forest Lake around 4 p.m. (Me, my sister Justine and my aunt Bella who was with us; Who take over to be with us at home since my mother died and when my father went back to work) I bought one box of egg pie and 1 liter of soft drink for our snacks. As usual, when we arrived there we offered flowers and light the candles and I led the prayer. While waiting for my aunt and cousin to come, we took some selfies! (of course, it won’t be forgotten) selfie pa more! Here’s our pics!!




with my aunt Bella
with my sister Justine

I took this shot because it’s just amazing. Sunset view! ganda!




After a few minutes, My aunt and my cousin came. Of course, we had some chitchats! Pictures pa more!!!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

By around 6 p.m, we decided to went home and bid goodbye to my Mama Bec and Lola Nena.

Until, next time!



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