Holy Week!

It is now exactly 3:30 am. I woke up too early today just to uhmmm. update a new entry. A very short blog entry (wala lang, I just feel writing. Ayoko ng matulog) So, how is my holy week? Well, hashtag #Teambahay. hahaha! I feel so bored na talaga. Paulit-ulit na lang yung ginagawa ko sa bawat araw. Fortunately, I do have internet connection that can keep me from being so bored! (buti na lang)

Holy week is the time for us to reflect, unwind and repent for all our acts (wrong doings) and recognized the sacrifices of Jesus for us. So, us a sacrifice, once in a year lang naman ito, tradition na sa family namin ang sumama sa procession every Good Friday (pero ngayon lang naiiba, kasi nga di na namin kasama si Mama Bec, so sad) Pero makakasama namin si Aunty Bella; at least, di ba? Though, Mama Bec is no longer with us, alam ko nanjan lang siya πŸ™‚

Pray. Pray. Pray


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