My Demo Teaching!

Hello there! I was supposed to post this entry last night but insisted due to my laziness ( oh-oh)So, here it is! I am writing about my Demo Teaching. Wednesday morning, I received a text from an unknown number, telling me if I am still interested to apply in their school. When I read that, i was so happy, really happy! (happy kid) I told myself, wooah! answered prayer, thank you, lord. Of course, I immediately replied ” Yes ma’am I’m interested.” I sent my reply twice. (panigurado) And she texted back, saying “Ok. See you on thursday for the interview.” 

Thursday came and I guess I am ready for the interview. I was already at the office waiting for my turn. I waited there for about 3o minutes, i guess. That was quite long, huh? (for me) After that, the interviewer called my name. Take note: (naglagay po ako ng piso sa aking sapatos pantanggal ng kaba) I was really really really nervous. Actually, the interview went really well for me. No pressure, haha! Not what I am expecting. (oh-oh). The interviewer told me the processes of hiring new teachers (oh-my-god). Of course, I must undergo demonstration first, psychological examination and lastly final interview with the principal. Hearing those, I told myself “now,that is what we call P-r-e-s-s-u-r-e. (akala ko yun na ang interview, hindi pa pala talaga) So, my demonstration is scheduled on Monday; so I only have 3 days to prepare. 3 days, huh! (hindi man lang ginawang 1 week,oh) well……………………………….

Preparations for my demo!

Actually, i find my subject matter quite difficult. My topic was about journalism. Mahirap siya!I just hope I am doing things right. Sunday night I prepared my materials for my demo! (grabe noh. Last minute preparation, haha!) I didn’t even memorize my lesson plan, yet! #IyanangTeacher. I must say, I did an extra effort in preparing my visual aids. Nag effort po ako. As I could remember, i finished all my preparations at 11 p.m. I am so sleepy that time, but I still need to master what’s on my lesson plan. #Memorization. After an hour, I headed to my room and pray before going to sleep. I really pray hard that God and my mother who is now in heaven will guide me. Ma, alam kong di mo ako pababayaan. I will do my best!

Monday na!

As expected, even though I slept for only 6 hours( at least) I woke up on time. I took a bath, ate my breakfast, dressed up with my formal attire and put on some make up. Quite sad, because I wasn’t able to take a selfie. (ganun sigruro talaga kapag nagmamadali) 

Demo teacher #2 ako, while waiting for my turn… grabehan ang kaba ko! As if I want to poop and urinate… seems like there’s a lot of butterflies in my stomache. Nervous feels! When my turn came, I am happy, at least, because my demo went smoothly. Kahit kulang ako sa memorization, I was able to deliver it well…. I just hope pasado din ang performance ko sa mga observers. aja! Be positive, Jeca!

After our demo, we took our lunch first. I am glad i meet new friends. well, just what I needed. After that, we waited for the time to hit at 1 p.m. so that we can take the psychological exam. We took the exam for about 3 hours, imagine that. 3 hours? (sakit sa batok, huh!) Medjo mahirap yung exam, hala ka! I just hope. makapasa ako, don. Sa friday pa yung releasing of results, so therefore.. uwi na kami!! Sa wakas! Wooh!!

What made my day.

When I was on my way home, I received a text from my father asking me how was the exam and my demo teaching; I texted back, “Ok naman pang, medjo mahirap lang ang exam pero kaya naman.” He replied, ” Ikaw pa.” (oh oh, my heart) I am so delighted that I have a very supportive father. He always believed in me. Napasarap sa feeling. Salamat, Pa!

P.S I can already sleep well. Waiting na lang sa results. I hope pasado. *crossed-fingers*



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