The Sunday Currently 06


Hey there! Another entry for The Sunday Currently volume 6 already! To start with, a lot of things (both good and bad) happened to me this week and still happening. It was good and i felt really really happy because my demo went well(as what I have mentioned in my last enrty) and the feedback I received from the observers was also okay. Though, there’s still a lot of improvement to be done.(that’s fine with me, at least!) I believe we all (should) undergo that kind of improvement and adjustment everyday; of course for our own good. By tomorrow, I shall be back to the school where I apply for the final interview with the principal and the president! oh-oh (wish me luck and a lot of courage! I shall pass this last step of hiring) Of course, I also prepared for it. I research some interview questions that they might ask me. (dapat lang! dapat laging handa! di ba). Going back! That’s the good thing that happened to me; For the bad thing (oh-oh) I don’t want to say it anymore. I just hope it will go away. I’ve been thinking about it everyday and it just make me super duper stressed. It’s making me insane and it was my first time to actually curse someone; I know it’s wrong but I just can’t help it. (sorry po) Enough! Enough! Enough with all my dramas.I just have to let it out. So,

c u r r e n t l y


The Sunday Currently 06. I really love Sundays because I’ve got to spend time blogging/writing..  😉

Hindi na bale by Jessica Zaragosa. I really don’t know why am I listening to this song. I can’t even relate to it, hehe. I just love O.P.M at this moment.. (blogging while listening to O.P.M gives me so much feels.. #calmness)

about what will happen tomorrow? Gosh. Tomorrow will be my final interview! yikeee😄😄 What questions are they gonna ask me?

actually, nothing.. 

Would you believe? At this time I am basically wearing a red t shirt and a brown printed pajama. hahhaha! (hindi naman mainit, noh)

O.P.M songs! grabe sa feels.

a lot of positive vibes and more of self confidence! 

I am actually craving for french fries and some ice cream! Perfect cravings for summer! 😔

I am feeling excited and nervous at the same time for the final interview tomorrow! I really wanted that job, I hope it will be given to me! Wishing and Hoping that I will be hired! Lord, Mama please do guide me 😊

Let’s see what will happen tomorrow! Have a blessed Sunday 😊


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