I am officially hired!

Taking risk was all worth it.

Looking back a few weeks ago, I faced the hardest decision in my life; a career decision. I was torn between staying because I have no choice and leaving  for self satisfactory and personal growth. I had to make a choice; and my choice was to leave. There’s a lot of “what ifs” on my mind. Before leaving my previous work, I already sent my application to some schools and I was really hoping that they will call me sooner. But what if none of them will be interested of calling me? What if my credentials are not enough for me to be hired? Thinking of those “what ifs” troubled me so much. I really wanted a new job; I don’t wanna stuck at home doing nothing and receiving nothing. I don’t want to be helpless. Being unemployed is so frustrating!

So, i undergone several steps to be hired in that school (no need to mention what school, you will know it sooner). Just yesterday, we had a group interview with the principal. She was so warmed towards us. Not what I really expected; because I thought she’s strict (but she’s not, thanks God) She already welcoming us very warmly and then we had to introduced ourselves. We were actually 8 teachers hoping to be hired in that school. Going back, when she was already welcoming us, I had this instinct of ” are we already hired? It seems that she’s already sure.” We just have to wait for the approval of the president. So, she told us that by tomorrow (tuesday) at exactly 1 p.m. We will have the final 1 on 1 interview with the president. ( Yes! We’re one step closer)

1 p.m came and I was there at the school. I was wearing a white formal blouse and a black skirt. Note: I was the only one wearing skirt, all of them were wearing slacks. Anyways, at around 3 p.m we were able to finished the final interview. (At last! We felt very happy) 

“Congratulations, you are hired.”

I or should i say we are officially hired! and I was like…………………………………………………………………




I am so so so happy! Finally. I got a job! Thank you so much, Lord.

P.S Until now I can’t still believe that I was hired already. hahaha! Can somebody slap me? hahahaha! Though this is what I really wanted and what I wished for.




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