My Bucketlist!

Hey! Hey! My random bucket list!

  1. be a master’s degree holder ( soooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnn)
  2. to travel the world with my family and take many selfie and videos ( that would be goals! #really)
  3. dine in a classy restaurant with someone (hihi) #dategoals
  4. earn/ save a lot of money for the future
  5. buy a very “good book”, preferably a best seller book about life and love. I love reading so much!
  6. own a car at the age of 25. (hoping)
  7. to color my hair #hairgoals
  8. be at the beach and watch sun sets!
  9. eat a box of pizza (by myself) shet! Cravingsssssssssssssssssss
  10. meet my idols ! (Aldub, Nina Dobrev, Paul Wesley, Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez and Robi Domingo!!)
  11. receive a bouquet of flowers and a letter . (that would be so sweet)
  12. be able to ride an airplane! (what does it feels kaya?)
  13. theme park get away with my sister!
  14. own an iphone! (hahahaha!)
  15. to be able to try water activities with my father and sis!!
  16. learn how to swim.
  17. to be able to witness a miracle!
  18. own a macbook!
  19. own an instax; and a camera for photography! take polaroid photos! (I would love that!)
  20. be seen on tv! (hahahaha!)
  21. be able to try starbucks!
  22. ride in a hot air balloon
  23. go on a road trip
  24. take a dance class
  25. have a make up collection
  26. go to one direction, taylor swift and selena gomez’ concerts
  27. be able to see my mother in my dreams! (I know, I know! This is quite impossible.. but)
  28. meet the man that is meant for me the soonest!
  29. To say I love you to my father every day!
  30. To be the best person that I can be!