NBI Clearance online, less hassle.

So, it is my first time to get NBI clearance of employment for my second job; Why first time? Because my previous job did not require me to get an nbi clearance, hence police clearance was enough. (much easier, though#nohassle) But this time; I really need to get one…………….

I wanted my life or should I say the process of getting nbi clearance in a not so hassle situation so I apply online; if you agree with me those who wanted to get their nbi clearance should apply online… No hassle at all and much easier. How???? Very easy……………

Go to nbi website and fill up for the application form. Take note of your reference number. You badly need that for the payment. Set where you want to pay; mine? I actually paid at the nearest bayad center (para no hassle) but you could also pay at the cashier of the nearest nbi in your place. Once you’re done paying, print the application form and you can go directly to the nbi office for the picture taking and biometrics………

The night before my appointment date, I told myself I should really be early…. Early…. Early………… but  I slept very very late…… So? The following day, (the day of my appointment to go to nbi) I went there at 9 am (note: I did not eat my breakfast, I just had a sip of coffee, that’s enough for me) when I arrived there a bunch of people where already lining up. So I sit there for almost 2 hours before my turn for picture taking and biometrics. I am just so fortunate that I have no criminal record. *wink* So, I was advised to wait for the releasing of the nbi clearance. Once again, I waited there for another 3 hours (wth). I am already starving to death! That moment, I texted my father that I have not taken my lunch and I am very hungry; so, my father brought me foods (sweet) Buti na lang!!!

At around 1:30 pm I already got my nbi clearance. I was a bit disappointed with my picture. Really really disappointed, (bakit ganun) nevertheless; I am happy that I am done!!!

More requirements to be done for employment!!! Life it is!

So, for those who wanted to get their nbi clearance; do it online! =)

You just need to have patience………….

Good luck!




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