The Sunday Currently 07


I was actually thinking of updating my blog last week, but then again, i got lazy (always?). So, here it is! Time to update my Sunday Currently…………………………………. just a short update!


Reading text on screen! (hahaha)

Writing The Sunday Currently 07. Glad i am in the mood now to update. I miss blogging! Though I always visit my site regularly.

Listening to New romantics by Taylor Swift. You know I really love TSwift. Swiftie here! I am feeling happy that this song from her 1989 album already came out and I am loving the lyrics. 

Thinking a lot. really. what grade will I teach for this school year, about school stuff and about leaving Zamboanga by next week, if it will pursue. But I guess, it will.

Smelling actually, nothing.. 

Wearing white printed t shirt and a blue checkered shorts.

Loving this moment……….. (hihihi)

Needing a boyfriend! (insert sarcasm)

Wanting a good sleep.

Feeling happy! because Papa Joel is finally here, may kasama na kami sa bahay. Kung pwede nga lang wag na siyang  bumalik sa trabaho, pero hindi naman yun pwede. Sige na lang. The important thing is, his here already even for a while. I am also happy that finally I can access the internet after 3 days. Something just went wrong with our neighbor’s wifi, that’s why. Well, now. Back to social life. Let me also share some selfies of mine earlier. (hihihi)


This is now my currently profile picture in facebook. #pabebesmile



Oh, di ba happy lang. Let’s think positive as always. Trust the Lord for everything, he knows better. 




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