Monday Visit.

Plans changed.

As what I have mentioned to my post yesterday about me leaving Zamboanga has totally changed. It was cancelled, because the main reason  of it was that, I or we will visit my Lola there, but luckily my Lola Lilay just arrived this morning here in Zamboanga together with my cousins. So, my father decided not to go to Olutanga anymore. Mainly his plan was just to visit my relatives especially my Lola because its been a while, (really) that we have not seen her. To tell you honestly, I am not really close to my relatives on my father side, hmm. Because we don’t really see each other that much and we don’t have a lot of bonding moments (malayo kami sa isa’t-isa). That’s why we are making the most out of it now. We all know life is too short to not spent time with your families. When we arrived there, of course I greeted my cousins, it was kinda awkward, you know the feeling the of “how would I start the converation?” hehe. I just said “Hi” to them. When we got inside their new house, my sister and I headed to the room of my Lola, because I can already here Papa Joel calling our names. So, we went there ahead.For the moment that I saw my Lola, in the back of my mind, I would pay respect and kiss her. But guess what happen? She tightly hugged me and my sister, as in very tight and she uttered, ” Wala na mo’y mama” Hearing those words broke my fragile heart, Yes. We lost her, my Lola was already sobbing, so did I. You know how sensitive i am when it comes to my Mother. I was left inside the room and I immediately wiped my tears. I really hate when people see me crying. *sniffs*

After that very emotionally encounter, We took our lunch and I had an hour to have bonding moments with my nieces. It was nice playing with them and taking snapchats. Here are our snaps. Ooppsyy. I forgot I cannot upload video here on wordpress, let me just post our selfies….






I only had a short time with them because I need to go to school before 1 p.m. Tssk, I also forgot  to take a picture with my Lola, maybe next week, there’s always a next time. Papa Joel have told us that we should visit them as often as we could every Sunday. Well, that’s a good idea. 

I really do hope that our family ties will be closer. Even though, it’s quite awkward at times. It is already a good start. What a happy Monday!



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