The Sunday Currently 08

selfie with my sister

Oh God, one week left for me to prepare for the first day of classes! OH NO.  Thinking about making lesson plans, learning plans, unit plans, tos, course outline and curriculum guide, plus if I am going to be an adviser (I hope I’m not) I still need to decorate my room, which I’m not very good at, and a lot more thing to do as a teacher.


Reading my blog….

Writing The Sunday Currently 08. 

Listening to youtube tutorials about “How I organize my Teacher Desk” 

Thinking that tomorrow will be  an awesome day for me. I am also thinking about my plans for the coming Father’s Day, any ideas???

Smelling n-o-t-h-i-n-g

Wearing white printed t shirt and a black leggings.

Loving this moment……….. 

Needing money.. hahaha!! 

Wanting a cup of coffee. I really have to drink now. Don’t care if I won’t be able to sleep early. #coffeeaddict

Feeling happy and nervous at the same time! I wish my pupils will be good to me, as well as their parents.haha  #fight! By the way, I will be handling 3th and 4th grade. Yihee! Everything will be ok, I know 🙂



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