The Sunday Currently 09


Hiiiii! It’s been like 3 weeks since I last updated my blog. I missed it so much. My life lately has been through ups and downs. I am still in the stage of adjustment every single day; you know, living without my Mother beside me is so frustrating yet I try my very best to be okay. A lot of changes has crossed my life. That “feeling” when I need to get up early in the morning to prepare everything and before 7 am I should be already at school and handle my 33 pupils (my advisory class) and other 5 sections everyday, writing lesson plans and all preparations for my teaching and in the evening when I arrived home, I still need to cook for our dinner, wash the plates and prepare my teaching materials for the following day. What a busy life I have! You know, sometimes I feel like giving up. I need more motivation to do these things.I learned that it’s hard to keep doing your tasks when deep down inside, you feel lost and you feel the pain. I need my mother beside me, I missed her so much. Hope I will be able to surpass this… Ang drama ko! ehhehe, well…


Reading my blog….

Writing The Sunday Currently 09

Listening to frogs.. kokak, kokak.. (ang ingay)

Thinking that tomorrow will be  a good day! And I do hope, I can help him. hmmm

Smelling n-o-t-h-i-n-g

Wearing red dress

Loving the sound of silence while I am blogging…..

Needing money. As in, wala na akong pero, sa thursday pa ang sahod. (diyos ko)

Wanting a good sleep and a peace of mind.

Feeling neutral. I am not that happy nor sad. I hope this week will be good. Pls,?



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