To the guy who I admire so much.


            Hi to the guy I admire so much. How have you been? It’s been years since you caught my attention. I don’t know you that well, but I know you are a good person. Yes, I admire you, i admit it. I’ve been glancing you from a far yet you don’t even know that I exist.(sad) Until now, I still have the same feelings for you- actually, sumuko na nga ako, dahil alam ko ‘di mo naman ako mapapansin. Kahit na, nagkasabay na tayo sa jeep nang harapan, nagka eye-to-eye contact na tayo sa isang grocery store at dinaanan mo lang ako nang magkatagpo tayo. Pero, lagi kong inaasam na makita ka lagi. You know, I feel happy everytime I get to see you-even from a far. 

             You know, pinagdasal ko sa Diyos na hopefully I could get the chance to be in touch with you; and God answered my prayer.(wow!) Just a week ago, I sent you a friend request in facebook, after a few seconds I got  a notification na you accepted my friend request. I was very happy! I actually cannot control myself from shouting and giggling in my room. (Glad, I was all alone). Dun ko rin nasabi, “Lord, salamat ng marami. Ang saya ko.” I know, ang babaw ng happiness ko- ganun na siguro ako, heheh! Last but not the least, humingi pa ako ng isa pa kay Lord, na hopefully, we can be friends in person. Promise, I would be the happiest girl on earth, if nangyari yun. Kahit hanggang dun lang; I am not asking na maging tayo because that is too much to ask. I know it will never happen, never. There’s no chance for us to be attached romantically. I am not hoping. I just want you to be my friend. Para kasing ang bait at ang lucky ko pag naging kaibigan ko ang isang tulad mo. 🙂

            Been stalking your account and I noticed that you are worried of something. I can already sense what it is/could be. I pray that God will guide you whatever decisions you make. Alam ko namang malakas ka sa kanya. Kahit na ikakalungkot ko man ang desisyon mong ‘yan. I am willing to support you. Follow your heart. Follow what makes you happy. Remember that, your happiness is also my happiness. (charot!) Seriously speaking, though! I may not know what you’re going through- but always remember that I will pray for you; I am always at your back-supporting you even though you’re clueless about my existence. Sana, in time, we could be friends

P.S. You made my day so happy. You just follow me on IG! OMG. I am super kilig and happy! Thank you my Marvin Gaye, 🙂 Oh, your birthday is coming in 2 weeks! 




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