Bitter Love Story

aww 😩

random thoughts

I never had a boyfriend and started denying myself that I needed one

I smiled and tell my friends, why do we need a love life,

to be hurt, to feel down, to hate the world and to feel like being left alone

But when he came to my life, everything changed

Every second I thought of him, Every time I close my eyes, all I see is his face

His picture magnets my eyes that I can stare it all day

I want him, I want his smile, his words

I want his eyes, his lips, I want him to talk to me like no body else,

I find him perfect, I want him to be mine

Then imaginations and thoughts flew to my mind

Thinking of me and the boy in the future

I was walking in the aisle, and he’s crying in joy at the altar

I can see the two of us travel around the world

Stopping in every continent, making

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