The Sunday Currently Vol. 14


Hey hey hey! Time to update my TSC entry. I am sooo happy that I could finally blog. (hindi na ako tinatamad!) hahah! Though ang bagal ng wifi namin dito. Pls, wifi be good to me. Ang saya lang ng week na ‘to! We’re done with the grade 4 deliberation, akala ko talaga gigisahin ako buti na lang wala. huh! Waiting na lang sa Grade 3 deliberation! Woo! Hopefully, maging successful din. Aja!

Now, let’s move on to the currentlies..



random blogs about TCS entries.


This entry. Volume 14 na ako! yey!


All I ever need by Austine blah! Forgot his last name! hehe!I am so in love with this song- so addicted. I actually dedicate this to my crush. awww.


About him. All the time, aw, not, most of the time. I don’t know what’s happening to me. I know it’s just a plain admiration, but. This is actually the first time I feel like this. Baliw na yata ako! Masyado na akong na-attached sa kanya. haha! I even published some poems here and that’s all about him. urggh! Lord, kayo na po ang bahala.




That my interview tomorrow will be successful!


That my wishes and prayers will soon come true. Please, Lord. make it happen!


Adidas dress!


This day. You know how much I love Sunday.


Him. haha, joke!


Positive thoughts!


blessed and thankful. Again, thank you soo much for all the blessings.

So, how’d your Sunday turned out?

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