My kind of morning!


    I am such a sleepy head! During school days I usually wake up at 6:00 am- that is super late already! Knowing that I have to arrive at 7:00 am in school. With the limited time, I still have to do much morning routine, like- taking a bath, brush my teeth (I skip my breakfast everyday cause if I would still eat, I would be super super late!) and do my make up, yes! I love make-up-and put on my uniform.

It’s been 2 days since I am not feeling well. I have cough and colds that never goes away. Earlier, I woke up at 2:26 am, I checked my phone and went online for a while. I also listen some meditation on YouTube. Then, I went to sleep, again.  Hours passed, I open my eyes, and it was already 6: 10 am (gosh!) I am late for school! So, I decided not to go to school since I am not feeling well. I will just rest and I am not in the mood to go anywhere. I just want to stay at home. Just stay at home!

I went out of my room without fixing yet my bed! (nako!) Hihiga pa naman ako mamaya, eh! hahah! I charged my phone and open my netbook while sipping my favorite! -coffee-! I really love coffee, sooo much! So, now I want to blog blog blog and blog. This is one of my escape to feel better.  I must feel better! 

Happy Wednesday morning!



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