The Sunday Currently Vol. 16


Hola! In my clock, it’s 15 minutes before the time ticks at 12 am. I still have my time to catch up and update my TSC entry. How our you doing guys? I hope you are doing well. Mine? well, my whole week was so productive (note sarcasm) *wink* I told myself I should be doing my requirements for my clearance so that I can have my salary but I ended up just staring at my phone and waiting for updates about JoshLia (Joshua and Julia’s tandem) I love them so much. Sila na lang ang dahilan kung bakit ako kinikilig. They are my vitamins. Urhgggg! …………. Sarap siguro ma-inlove 🙂

Now, let’s move on to the currentlies..



my blog entry for today……………….


TSC Vol 16! Yipiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!……………..


Instrumental of God Gave Me You.. This song has soo much feels. I bet , if I get married (hopefully) this will be one of my wedding song.


Still the same thing. About my life purpose.




I have 3 prayers, hoping God will hear me. First, I really do hope that I will pass the RQA, its a fulfillment to be part of the DepEd Family- I really wish to teach in public. Second, that God will always guide us no matter what happens; Third, I pray that God will grant the desire of my heart.


That my prayers will be heard and granted…………………….


white plain blouse and denim shorts…………..


The idea of being in love…….. someday.. ahha!


at this time, I want to have some coffee! Urghh, masarap talaga mag kape!


a lot of motivation and positive thinking……………


Fine. blessed.

And, opps. before I forgot let me share these lovely photos during our year end party held last week at Golf.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And oh, don’t forget to join The Sunday Currently link-up by siddathornton! 


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