Are you happy now?


Few days ago, I stumbled upon installing an app, called Question Diary. So, I decided to post my answers here in my personal blog. Much better.

Are you happy now? Am I  happy? Well, Yes. I am. We all have different sources of happiness. Some says they are happy because of, money, they can buy whatever they want- complete family, hanging around with their friends, happy love life because they found their match and etc. These are such the common sources of happiness. 

At this moment of my life. I am happy. But not that happy. There are still wishes and desires that are yet to come for me to say that I am completely happy- genuinely happy.


To be honest, my heart now is full of questions. There are days that I felt empty. Days that i don’t know what to do. Lost. confused. soul searching. In time, I know God will provide me  a genuine happiness. The kind of happiness that will never fade away. Happiness that would stay. 


As they say, Happiness is a choice and I chose it. There’s still a long way to go. Life is a journey of finding oneself and figuring out my life’s purpose. 

I might sound so dramatic in this blog post, but trust me. I am okay. I am happy. I live a normal life, I have my sister and my loving father by my side, my mother, who is our guardian angel from above and true friends that I can rely on. And of course, God is with me. 


Tomorrow when I wake up, I will be happier. I will be excited of what life has to offer. Everyday is a gift from God.


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